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Physical Education

Physical Education at The Hollies School plays an enormous part in our engagement with the pupils. We are primarily concerned with pupils feeling a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment and working with a sense of purpose to gain greater self-esteem.


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Outdoor Education

    At the Hollies we believe there is no better way to reach young people than through off-site provision. We offer our students a wide range of outdoor pursuits from Duke of Edinburgh Award and orienteering, to walking, mountain biking and athletics.

    Our aim is to take learning beyond the classroom and offer a broad curriculum of enrichment and challenging environments in which our pupils can reach their full potential



    From ancient Egyptian medicine to medieval conquests, History at the Hollies allows the KS3 students an opportunity to explore their skills over a wide range of fascinating topics. Using a comprehensive range of support materials and educational visits, students have the challenge of putting the past into perspective.


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    CoPE Award

    This is the Certificate in Personal Effectiveness that demonstrates skills in communication, in working with others, in solving problems and in improving their own learning. It is a project based course and the students produce a portfolio of work to gain their certificate. It has links to other programmes and curriculum...
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