Academic Results Summer 2014

Academic ResultsĀ  – Summer Leavers 2014

This year we had 34 Y11 leavers.

In line with our School Improvement Planning we are progressively increasing access to GCSE qualifications. Over the previous 3 years we have seen an 88% increase in the number of Y11s sitting GCSE English and a 133% increase in pupils sitting GCSE maths.


Currently 80% of our Y11 leavers are non-NEET

90% of pupils eligible for pupil premium are non-NEET

100% of LAC pupils are non-NEET

Our 1 MEG pupil is non-NEET

Our 1 statemented pupil is NEET


59% of pupils passed GCSE English

46% of pupils passed GCSE maths

9% of pupils obtained L2 qualifications in English and maths

91% of pupils obtained L1 qualifications in English and maths

100% of pupils obtained a qualification in English and maths