English – KS4

KS4 English

We are following the AQA English Language syllabus. During this course the pupils will be exposed to a range of challenging texts – fiction and non-fiction –  from both contemporary times and the nineteenth century, and will also be taught to develop their creative and non-fiction writing.

At the end of Year 11 the pupils will sit two examination papers:

i – Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing – this focuses on fiction.

ii – Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives – this focuses on non-fiction.

Each paper is 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Both papers are split into two sections – Section A covers Reading, and Section B covers Writing.

Our teaching approach is flexible enough to allow for specific intervention to be put into place for pupils so that we can target trouble spots in the pupils’ reading and writing abilities. Regular verbal and written feedback ensures that the pupils know what they can do well and  understand what they need to do to allow for further development . Half-termly assessments allow the pupils valuable  exam question practice so that they grow accustomed to the language used in exams and the demands of the exam.