Personal, Social, Health Education

Here at The Hollies we take great pride in addressing the issues that face young people today. All staff who deliver this subject have taken a great deal of time to discuss and plan what they feel is most appropriate and could be most helpful to our pupils.

The content of lessons is designed to encourage pupils to think openly and honestly about issues they may not have thought about before, and also issues that they may actually be experiencing in their everyday lives. At no point is any pupil expected to divulge anything they are uncomfortable talking about.

The teaching approaches to P.S.H.E. are those that embrace discussion, sharing opinions, encouraging disagreement, developing listening and understanding that we all have different points of view at times and that there isn’t always a right or a wrong way of seeing the world.

All pupils will experience lessons that cover three main themes: Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and living in the Wider World.

The pupils will follow the pathways detailed below in the Spring term:

Key Stage 4

Health and Wellbeing

Pupils will be thinking about emotional and mental health issues. We will explore strategies for coping and will find out where to go to for help.


Pupils will be exploring what happens when there are problems in different types of relationships: friendships, partners, families. We will be thinking about the impact of domestic abuse, separation and bereavement. Pupils will look at organisations that support relationships that might be experiencing difficulties.

Living in the Wider World

We will be thinking about how employable we are. The pupils will identify their strengths and how these relate to future employability. We will also be exploring time management, self-organisation and how to manage an on-line presence.