Sport – BTEC

Why Study PE?
P.E at the Hollies is unique in that it incorporates many different strategies to engage a number of pupils who would ordinarily not access P.E in mainstream education. We overcome barriers to ensure pupils acquire maximum benefits from regular exercise. PE is an integral component to the curriculum; it provides pupils with lifelong learning opportunities.

KS4: BTEC First Award in Sport (Lv 1/2)

This year at the hollies we have decided to implement the BTEC in sport for KS4, this is because BTECs have earned their reputation as well-established, enduringly effective qualifications. More importantly, they have a proven track record in improving motivation and achievement among young learners, and this is what we are always trying to focus on at the hollies, the learners (pupils).

The units which will be studied over the next year, are as follows:

Unit 1: Fitness for sport and exercise

Unit 2: Practical sport performance

Unit 3: The mind and sports performance

Unit 4: The sports performer in action