World Cup Madness 2014

World Cup Madness 2014

Talking to the Stars

As you all know, the world is currently gripped by the FIFA World Cup 2014. The Hollies has been taken over with football fever and the classrooms are a sea of countries flags and banners from all over the world that are competing in the tournament.

Each subject at the Hollies has linked the theme of football into their lessons during World Cup period and students have been working learning about the countries taking part, writing football commentaries and learning about the history of the beautiful game.

However, some staff have been working behind the scenes, and making links with very famous English men involved in the world cup.

a martin football.jpgMr Martin, a Teaching Assistant here at the Hollies used to be a professional lines man and worked alongside the English Premier League Referee Howard Webb.  Howard refereed his first game in the World Cup last week, Japan vs. Greece, and students sent Howard a good luck message and photo.

Just hours before kick-off, Howard replied via email and said ‘Thanks Mr Nation, that’s BRILLIANT! Please say thanks to everybody at The Hollies. We will take the good wishes and positive vibes in to the match. Howard and the boys’

Earlier that day Mr Nation had been in contact with the young England midfielder Ross Barkly. Ross plays his football for Premier League team Everton and is one of the up and coming superstars of the game. Ross sent a message saying ‘Good luck to all the students in year 11 leaving and best of luck to them in their GCSE exams. From Ross and the whole England team…thank you’. 

The students loved this message and sent Ross some photos prior to England’s match with Uruguay.

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